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Timeless Blankets to Knit:
American Images in Garter Stitch
by Chris de Longpré

Eight historically and artistically compelling designs are presented in this third book of timeless knitting patterns by designer-author Chris de Longpre. The designs were influenced by American folk art such as early American and Amish quilt designs, the American Arts and Crafts movement, and Navajo weaving. The blankets are sized to be used as real bedding on full, queen, and king-size beds.

Detailed instructions, illustrations, and photographs exemplify each design, resulting in a knitting experience that can be enjoyed by beginning and experienced knitters alike. Go ahead--knit an heirloom!
Available October, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9793605-7-2

Praise for Timeless Blankets to Knit
Have you had the pleasure of knitting a blanket? Not an afghan. A real blanket. If not, begin dreaming and planning now: here are eight carefully thought-through patterns that are simultaneously soothing and interesting to work, ready to be a major focus or an ongoing restful venture. These blankets will comfort you as you make them, as you use them, as they become family heirlooms. What treasures!
--Deborah Robson, author of The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook and and The Field Guide to Fleece

52 Timeless Toys to Knit
by Chris de Longpré

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Chris's stuffed toys have been enchanting knitters since 2006 in sheet patterns from Knitting At KNoon Designs. Here, in her second book for Timeless Knits Publications, Chris presents an unusually large and varied collection of critters to delight the young and the young at heart, featuring yarns from the Brown Sheep Company.
Available May, 2014.

ISBN: 978-0-9793605-5-8

Praise for 52 Timeless Toys to Knit
This delightful menagerie of playful patterns will enchant knitters of all ages. It is sure to keep your yarn and needles happy through every season of the year! --Joanna Johnson, Slate Falls Press

Timeless Knits for Kids (Size 4-14)
by Chris de Longpré

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Twelve fresh, new classics for children from the end of toddlerhood through late childhood. Six of the designs are geared for boys, and six for girls. Includes chapters on choosing yarn for children and secrets for successful fit.

ISBN: 978-0-9793605-3-4 / e-ISBN: 978-0-9793605-4-1
Praise for Timeless Knits for Kids
de Longpré has a wonderful sensibility that's hard to describe. The garments here (for boys and girls both) are simple, elegant, but comfortable. They look as if they were for sale in some posh kids' store, but far from intimidating, they invite. Gorgeous silhouettes, easy styling-- there's nothing complicated here, just confident, high-class kidwear. Our own kids (girl and boy, 14 and 11 respectively) highly approve of this book because to their eyes there's nothing 'babyish'. --Julia Grunau, Patternfish.com

Do you dream of knitting sweaters that youngsters will love so much they'll wear them to shreds? Here are the instructions you need, authored by a master knitter, serene teacher, and devoted grandma. Open the book and have a look at the kids inside -- wrapped in the security of knitted love, playing with wild abandon. --Cat Bordhi, Passing Paws Press

Filled with charming children's sweaters and vests, this book offers a wide range of sizes for both boys and girls. It also lovingly features Chris's grandchildren and home state (Michigan) with illustrious photography. This book is sure to be an American classic in the years to come. --Pardis Amirshahi, Living Crafts magazine

The author's poem about being a mother and grandmother on the opening page sets the tone for this book: ...You will watch them grow, The mother and the child. You, the lucky grandmother, get to experience Love squared. This is a book filled with creative ways to shower affection on...the age group most often overlooked in knitting books. Beginners will appreciate the chapters on how to choose the right yarn (durable, not itchy) and get a perfect fit (measure the child, don't skip the gauge swatch, modify the pattern as needed). The patterns are classic and wearable, the kind of items that can be passed from one child to the next. Cardigans, pullovers, and vests fill the pages. There are plenty of garments geared for boys, though most are unisex, and only a few are decidedly feminine. Willow, a girl's sweater, and Beachcomber, a boy's sweater, would be perfect for grown-ups. Let's hope the author will take this hint and up-size some of these designs. --Knit 'n Style magazine